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Upcoming Workshops with the Gagetown Gals

$75 for one workshop

$140 for two workshops

$195 for all three workshops

(taking all three workshops saves you $30 and gets you 20% off accommodations at Steamers' Bed and Breakfast or The Lazy Farmer Hostel for Friday or Saturday night)

Why not make a weekend of it?

To register please contact Erica at 


Workshops will be held on March 25th, 2017 at Steamers' Bed and Breakfast,

74 Front Street, Gagetown, New Brunswick

Coffee, espresso and cocktails will be available for purchase on-site all day

Felted Landscapes 

With Alison Murphy


Max 14 participants

Come and join me for an afternoon of felting and fun. In this class I will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your own needle felted landscape. This two-dimensional dry felting technique is easy to learn and relaxing to practice. We will also discuss various animal fibres and their properties, learn about blending coloured wool, and look at how best to incorporate various materials and objects into your work. No experience necessary, but please bring an image of your favorite landscape as inspiration!

This image is from a 'Felted Landscapes' class I taught over the winter.

Beaded Earrings

With Erica Stanley


Max 9 participants

Make your own earrings! Join goldsmith Erica Stanley to learn the basic skills of wire wrapping. Using semi-precious stones and silver wire, you will make a one of a kind creation!


Stitched Shibori - Naturally Dyed

With Bronwyn Gallagher


Max 14 participants

Part hands on, part lecture/demonstration, in this fun and lively workshop you will discover the magical/fascinating process of dyeing cloth with nature (plants, bugs, minerals) Watch how to safely prepare the dye stuff and learn about the chemistry behind the color for example how the same dye stuff can produce different colors!   you will have the knowledge reproduce in your home!   All the while stitching a pattern across a luxurious silk scarf.  Take home your very own one of a kind naturally dyed accessory in the color of your choice.

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